Let’s start off with two equally true statements:

1) AI is going to revolutionize the way recruiting is handled;
2) AI already has revolutionized the way recruiting is handled.

In other words, AI in recruiting is both its present and its future. Indeed, according to one survey, almost two-thirds of talent acquisition experts have said that AI has already changed the way recruiting is done at their companies. Heck, even a trusty ATS like Greenhouse has begun to use AI to improve its operations.

And that’s just the start of it–walk into any recruiting or tech conference and you’ll be sure to find companies that have figured out a way to automate and streamline each small aspect of the recruiting funnel with an intelligent application of machine learning or AI. In fact, there are so many of them jockeying for your attention that it can be a bit overwhelming. So let’s try to demystify what a few of these companies do, to see if their solutions are the right ones for you.

There are a number of exciting companies applying AI at the top of the recruiting funnel. If you’re having problems getting an acceptable level of inquiries from your job reqs, or you’re finding that diverse candidates aren’t engaging with your job reqs with enough frequency, you can employ a product like Textio. They use AI to analyze the language in your job reqs, determining the type of language that will best elicit a response from a candidate you’re interested in interviewing. As a bonus, their AI makes sure that you’re not using language that might accidentally scare off potential applicants.

Another company using AI to find potential candidates for your open job reqs is Mya, an AI-chatbot that fully automates conversational interactions by asking pointed questions designed to check for specific required criteria. Afterwards, assuming your requirements are met, Mya will invite that candidate to apply to your company, increasing your inbound candidate inflow as well as increasing the number of good candidates you see.

Paradox┬áis another chatbot company. It uses AI and natural language processing to save time for your recruiting team. The chatbot at Paradox acts as a front-end on every conceivable candidate communication, able to do everything from answering basic questions about your company (so you don’t have to answer the same basic questions hundreds of times a month), to scheduling a time for a candidate to have a phone call with a recruiter.

One last exciting chatbot company is AllyO, a more ambitious solution which aims to automate much more of the recruiting funnel. AllyO doesn’t just engage your talent pool for screening purposes–it also handles invitations to apply, scheduling, and new employee check-ins.

Meanwhile, a company like Pymetrics uses neuroscience and AI to determine which qualities your best employees possess, and then goes on to uncover candidates that have a profile closely matching those top performers.

ZipRecruiter uses “artificial intelligence (AI)-powered matching technology and mobile apps to actively connect more job seekers and businesses of all sizes.” They’re focused on anyone who wants to increase the number of active people who are directly applying to my recruiting funnel. It’s such an exciting prospect that they just received $156 million in Series B funding because of their application of AI.

You may find that you’ve become overwhelmed by people applying to your company, so much so that you couldn’t possibly review all of your inbound candidates every single day–or even every week. Because of that, you’re understandably worried about your ability to engage the best candidates before your competitors do. Or perhaps you want a more effective way to utilize your ATS–you realize that the resumes stored there contain information that won’t be found on the open web, giving you a leg up on identifying candidates with skills or experience that other companies don’t even know about.

If that’s the case, then you’ve landed at the right place: RecruitBot excels at solving those problems, by using AI to analyze all of your unique interviewing decisions, and then using that information to create an informed model of your ideal candidate profile. RecruitBot is, at its heart, an AI-based recruiting assistant that thinks and acts like a human does, only much faster. It will instantly apply its model of your preferences to every inbound resume you have, and every resume already in your ATS. You’ll find better candidates faster than ever before, and you’ll find more of them, too.

AI can even help companies improve candidate experience even after they’ve gone through the recruiting funnel. Blackhall and Pearl, for instance, uses AI to “enhance workplace productivity, engagement, innovation, conduct and compliance” by analyzing social network structure and dynamics and combining it with all of the usual information companies have about themselves.

With all of these companies making so many competing claims about the power or limitations of AI, it can be tough to understand just what AI is, or even what it means. That’s why our founder Jeremy is going to be on a panel, attempting to demystify AI in the minds of recruiters. He’ll be at HR Transform in Las Vegas on March 28, sharing the stage with experts from Banfield, Blackhall and Pearl, ZipRecruiter, and Pymetrics.

We look forward to seeing you there!