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RecruitBot uses machine learning to understand your preferences and build a profile of your ideal candidate for each one of your open positions. It compares that profile to every resume in our constantly-updated database of 65+ million US. candidates, as well as to each resume in your ATS and every inbound resume you receive.

Other companies will give you a pile of resumes that fit some broad search criteria, and make you do the hard work of sorting through them all. But RecruitBot will apply your exact preferences to our entire database, instantly showing you only the candidates that you're most likely to want to contact. And that means you can find them and reach out to them before any of your competitors do.

A Massive Private Database

RecruitBot partners with public and private data companies to build and maintain the largest collection of global candidate profiles in the world. With 65+ million U.S. candidates in our system (and hundreds of millions more globally), you'll be sure to find thousands of worthy candidates--whether you're looking for software developers in San Francisco or payroll specialists in Mumbai. 

    Reach Out
    Reach Out

    Contact Candidates Faster

    RecruitBot makes it easier to reach out to the best candidates all at once with a customizable drip campaign interface. Personalize an introduction sent from your own email address, and decide what to say and when to say it. Or save some time, and choose one of our many professional templates to maximize engagement.


      Understand Your Process

      Learn all about the efficacy of each step of your recruiting pipeline through our end-to-end stats. Find out how many candidates you've reached out to; how many have opened and responded to your messages; who you've interviewed; and how many were hired.  Everything can be sliced by weekly metrics, by position, and by user--so you can better understand your team's performance.


        RecruitBot will improve your recruiting process in all sorts of ways. Here are just a few of them.
        Review As a Team
        RecruitBot offers a structured mechanism for group-reviewing resumes, helping build collaboration and consensus among team members.
        Reduce Average Cost-to-Hire
        Operating on a lean budget? RecruitBot will save you money by speeding up the recruiting process.
        Improve Inter-Department Communication
        Recruiters and hiring managers can better understand each other’s preferences and goals with RecruitBot’s team-review feature.
        Find Unconventional Candidates
        RecruitBot will help eliminate unconscious bias in the recruiting process by ranking candidates more objectively, ignoring candidates’ personal information.
        Empower Your Recruiting Team
        RecruitBot’s objective analysis emboldens recruiters to advocate for borderline candidates that they might otherwise reject, for fear of wasting a hiring manager’s time.
        Increase Diversity
        RecruitBot will help eliminate unconscious bias in the recruiting process by ranking candidates more objectively, ignoring candidates’ personal information.
        Source Candidates More Aggressively
        RecruitBot is such a powerful filtering tool that you can cast a wide a net, sourcing from as many job boards, social media sites, or industry pages as possible, without being overwhelmed by irrelevant resumes.
        Preserve Institutional Knowledge
        RecruitBot will remember everything it has learned about your company’s preferences, even if you lose a senior hiring manager or recruiter who provided most of its information.
        Slash Response Times
        Get instant evaluation of thousands of candidates, so you can reach out to the most promising before other companies can do the same.

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